Thursday, August 17, 2017

Car Park - Play off Semi Final Donate Now

on May 14, 2017
Play- Off Semi Final - Wednesday 17th May 2017
The Car Park will be open from 5pm on Wednesday.
Cash Customers - Normal Match day prices will apply £7 non-members £6 members
Permit Holders- Your permit does not cover this game , however you can park as normal but we will be asking for a voluntary donation of a suggested £5 per car.
(If you donate in advance see below please show your donation receipt on entering the car park.)
The donations will be towards our Chairman's, Paul Holmes, charity fundraising freefall tandem sky dive from 13,000 feet, which he will be doing over Lake Balaton, Hungary in early August 2017 see here. He is rasing funds for local charity Cavendish Cancer Care, his aim is to get £2,500 for them and this will see the fundraising off to a great start.
Should you wish to donate via the just giving pageby clicking the sponsor me button below or donate by text.

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