Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Car Park Survey Results

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Thank you to all the car park permit holders and other members who completed our recent survey in respect of the car park and permits for 2017/18. The response was fantastic with over 71% of all those surveyed responding.

Of the car park permit holders we got responses from 194 full permit holders and 50 disabled permit holders. On average you used the car park 24 times out of a possible 26 last season, so you missed very few games.

The results and actions to be taken are discussed below:-

Permits 2017/2018

Period of issue

As you are aware we only have the car park guaranteed until 31 December 2017, although our lease will be until 31 May 2018, In order to secure the lease we have had to agree to the landlord being able to terminate the lease anytime after 31 December.

81.55% of those surveyed agreed that we should sell permits for the full season and then give a pro-rata refund if we have to terminate the use of the car park early,  Therefore permits will be going on salen for the full season, with a refund policy in the terms of issue.


91.6% of you agreed to accept refunds by bank transfer ,being the quickest and easiest way to make alot of refunds. Should we need to issue refunds for early termination we will therefore ask you for you bank details and make the refund via the faster payment service of online banking. Should you wish us to make alternative arrangments (cash/paypal or cheque) we will charge an administration fee of £5 for these refunds, refunds via bank transfers will see you get your pro-rata refund in full.

Should we be served notice to vacate the site before the end of our lease, we will give you 30 days notice and arrange a refund of £5 (£3.50 disabled permit holders) per 1st team league home game still to be palyed at the termination date. You agree we will have no futher obligations to you.

Alternative sites, we have looked over the past few years for altenrative sites and have not been successful in finding anywhere, as our time and resourses are limited we will NOT be looking for alternatives. It is upto you as individuals to find alternative parking , please do not rely on us.


Permit Pricing

Responses suggested an average of £124 should be charged for the full permit (compared to £125 for 2016/17, therefore we will be keeping the price at £125 (being £5 per league game plus £10 for your Membership fee)

In respect of disabled permits exisitng disabled permit holders and normal permit holders have suggested we should be charging more than the £79 we charge last season with an average of £87.14 being suggested. Therefore we have decided to increase the charges to £3.50 per league home game `(reducing the discount on normal permits from 40% to 30%) plus £10 membership fee ,giving a total cost of £90.50 for the season

Match day pricing

The survey suggested we should be charging wednesdayite members £6.10 per day , therefore we have decided to follow your recommndation and maintain the charge at £6.

However you suggested we should be charging non-members an average £7.79, compared to the current £7 charge , therefore we will be increasing this in line with your recomendation to £8

This will therefore mean that members can savce £2 per game. So regular users and fellow SWFC fans can also save the £2 by becoming members and getting their membership covered in 5 games,

Volunteer Help

Nine of the respondents have offered to help with the car park tidy up on Saturday 22nd July (10am start) with four offering to help on Saturday 15th July, we are extremely grateful for these offers of hellp and will be emailing you shortly with details and also givng you a discount code to get 10% off your permit per session worked. (saving you £12.50 or £25 if helping on both days). Thank you.

We have noticed an increase in rubbish left on the site after the game (food wrappers /bottles etc) please be responsible and take it home, anyone found to be leaving litter may have their permit withdrawn,

Should you be able to help us on any of these two dates please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We also have one offer of help on match days .

Car Park Times

As many of you are aware the volunteers manning the car park on a match day are volunteers and also fans and therefore we like to get into the match on time as well as you. We have the car park set up and open 3 hours before kick off and allow you upto 1 Hour after the final whistle to leave the car park, before we secure the car park and leave for home. Just a reminder should you arrive back at you car more than 1 hour after the final whistle and find the car park locked then a release fee of £25 as set out in your terms and conditions will be payable

Last season we included in your terms and conditions of use a clause that you should arrive at least 10 minutes before kick off to gain entrance, most users met this requirement but we got abuse and threats from some users who did not accept this term.

Therefore this season we will be strictly enforcing it , so if you arrive less than 10 minutes before the scheduled kick off then you will NOT be allowed admittance, All we ask is you set off a bit earlier to ensure you arrive on time. The car park will be lock for a period from 2:50pm for 3pm kick offs and 7:35pm for 7:45pm kick offs. If you cannot accept this please do not purchase a permit.


Thank you to all who have already donated to my charity free fall parachute jump , for Cavendish Cancer Care,scheduled for 2nd August 2017 in Siofok, Hungary at 2pm. It is greatly appeciated. If you wish to donate please click here

I look fowrd to seeing you all for the League cup game against Chesterfield on 8th August or our first home leagure game on 12th August against QPR.

Permits will officially go on sale on 1 July 2017, but you can if you wish purchase now and beat the rush, if you are going to help us on either clear up day please wait for your discount code before purchasing your permit.



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