Tuesday, January 16, 2018

2017-18 Car Park Permits Still available Now £95.00

on October 17, 2017

Car park permits for 2017/18 season are still available. As we have had six league matches we are reducing the cost of the permit to £95.00 including your membership - use discount code October30 at checkout.

After negotiations over the past few months we have agreed a lease which guarantees our use until  31 December 2017. The lease is for the full season to 31 May 2018 but the landlord can give us 45 days notice at anytime to terminate the lease at any date after 31 December 2017.  It is now anticipated that no notice will be served and we will now get the full season in.

Should we be served with notice to quit, we will give permit holders at least 28 days notice of the date of last game they can use their permit. In these circumstances we will offer refunds of part of your annual permit fee paid as follows:-

Disabled permit holders - £3.50 per 2017/18 league game still be played

Full Permit Holders - £5 per 2017/18 league game still be be played.

By ordering a permit for this season you agree to the above notice being given if necessary.

The full terms and conditions of your permit on avavilable for download, by continuing on to purchase your permit you are deemed to have read and accepted the terms.

Please can I draw your attention to the following clause

4.    Time of admittance. We ask you to plan your journey to allow yourself sufficient time to arrive at the car park no later than 15 minutes before the scheduled kick off time of the match. Vehicles will only be admitted in the period 3 hours before kickoff until 15 minutes before kickoff. (i.e. between 12:00 and 14:45 for a 15:00 kick off or between 16:45 and 19:30 for a 19:45 kick off)