31 December 1969

Wednesdayite Weekly - 2011/12 Issue #36

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  • The Wednesdayite Weekly: Nothing to talk about this week, obviously...

    In this week's beauty:

    • Eddie's Blog - PROMOTION! WAHAY!
    • Owls & Charity - like peaches and cream
    • Fan Blog - Ann walks down memory lane
    • Elections 2012 - Hot Voting Action


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    Where do we even start? Has this week been the best ever as a Wednesdayite? Perhaps not - but it's been damn close!

    I can honestly say I've not enjoyed seven days so much in a long, long time. From being amongst so many friends in a Wednesdayite Lounge packed out and buzzing, to the incredible sights that greeted me when we took the Big Flag into Hillsborough at 2:30 and found that the ground was already 80% full and buzzing, to the hundreds and hundreds of inflatables that we kicked back into the crowd in a never-ending pre-match party, to the spine-tingling sound of four sides of Hillsborough belting out Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday, to the roof being taken off the old girl when Antonio scored the first and SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...T....the Pigs were losing, to the party beginning after Ranger's second, to the incredible scenes at full-time as Hillsborough became a mass of humanity and we partied on the pitch, to dancing in the rain at Hillsborough Corner...and that's without even touching on the 20,000-plus that turned up in town on Wednesday evening. What a feeling. What. A. Feeling.

    And even now, it's only sinking in so slowly. The anticipation of being back in the Championship. The buzz of hearing Milan talk about signings to get us up further still into the Premier League. The wonderful realisation that we can relax and enjoy watching the Blunts in the playoffs without a care in the world. The mountain of photos, videos and Tweeted or blogged memories still to go through.

    This has been an incredible week and it's going to be an incredible summer too! We've all earned this. Let's enjoy it!



    Now the Owls are safely promoted to the Championship Owls blogger, Ann Barker, blogs about the conclusion to the season.

    Ann works in Bradford and has always supported the mighty Owls. She has a commercial pilots licence, two Springer Spaniels who go wild if you say 'Sheffield Wednesday' and she loves Chris Waddle with all her heart.

    "One match I will always remember was at Hillsborough in April 2004. I had been living in Japan for the 2 years previously and was really excited to be going back to see the mighty Owls, even though we had dropped into League One.

    I remember really looking forward to it, seeing the fans and feeling the atmosphere at Hillsborough again. I felt pretty much the same sort of excitement that I did on Saturday.

    It wasnt until I was sat in a half empty stadium that reality set in. The attendance was 20,464, it was still possible for us to get relegated into oblivion and there were angry chants toward Dave Allen and the board. It was horrible, and that was before we lost 0-1 to Colchester. I walked away from that match bitterly disappointed, and wondering what had happened to my club.

    One thing that really haunted me that day was the chant 'Wednesday 'till I die', it was pretty much the only chant that the fans could seem to be able to muster up in such depressing circumstances.




    With the B2BW appeal having a brilliant final hurrah at the Wycombe game - more than £100 raised in our charity buckets in the Lounge and Car Park alone, the total raised for Bluebell Wood is now above £4500, a truly brilliant response from Owls (and even some Blunts!) to a truly incredible effort from our cyclists!

    However, it's not just our B2BW crew who have been putting themselves through the ringer for a good cause! Owls fan Joe Carter is organising the second annual Chase 4 Life - a male counterpart to the successful Race For Life that many female Owls will have run. Joe takes up the story:

    "As a cancer survivor I've felt that i need to give something back, I realised that there wasn't a mens 'race for life' on the same scale as the women's so last years event took place with over 250 participants and we raised over £8.000 for Cancer Research UK, this year chase4life will be raising for the Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity as this is where I've received all my treatment and Its much more personal to me!

    Chase 4 Life is a men's 5k run in support of Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity. The aim of the event is to raise as much money as we can. We ran the event for the first time last year and raised over £8000 for Cancer Research UK. I hope to see you all again on Fathers day for this years Chase4Life!"

    The event is set to take place 17th June 2012 at 10am. If you are interested in taking part in the run or would just like to help please click below!



    ELECTIONS 2012

    With the season coming to an end, Wednesdayite will soon be holding our annual AGM and elections to the Society Board and are asking for nominations for interested members to stand for election as a Director. This year we are especially interested in interest from Wednesdayites who are active in any other Owls-related group or organisation - to help us with our aim of better representing every section of the SWFC family!

    Our constitution means that any Director who has served three years must stand down and apply for re-election. In addition, any co-opts that joined the Board in the last year automatically stand to be elected. In addition, should the Society receive additional nominations, then all twelve Board seats would be filled by a ballot of members in July, in conjunction with the AGM of the Society, which we will – as usual – combine with a pie and pea supper and some guest speakers!


    The Wednesdayite Election Management Group (EMG) has been formed to administrate the election process for 2012.  Nominations are now being sought for the five board positions which are available at this election.

    Wednesdayite are keen to open up to fresh ideas and initiatives to further our aim of making the whole experience of being an Owls fan as good as it can be and in this regard we would welcome the nomination of any member who feels they could add benefit to Wednesdayite and hence the Owls.

    Please find below a link for the nomination form and the election rules which together define the formal procedures of this election. All completed nomination forms and candidate manifestos should be received back by 6.00pm on the Friday 1st June 2012 for validation. To ensure this it is recommended that you post your nomination form back to the EMG at least three working days prior to this date.  We also ask you to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your contact details and let us know that you will be sending an a nomination.

    Should we have a contested election a “Hustings” will be arranged where the candidates are able to put forward their ideas and members have an opportunity to question them.

    If you would like to find out more about what being a director of Wednesdayite entails, please feel free to contact Nigel or Eddie, our Chair and Vice-Chair. We would be only too willing to advise you. Contact in this regard should be via email to Wednesdayite (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

    All queries regarding the Election process should be made by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    To download a nomination form please click here and for a copy of the rules for the election process pleaseclick here




    alt We Did It!

    alt Ann's Blog

    alt Chase 4 Life Appeal

    alt Elections 2012



    2011/12 is in the books for SWFC, and it's been amongst the best seasons we've ever had - promotion made even sweeter of course by how we beat our smaller, less good-looking, less-intelligent, less-successful, neurotic, chip-on-shoulder, fairness-in-football neighbours to get across the line!

    Tens of thousands of us have already turned out at S6 and outside the Town Hall to thank Milan, DJ, the players and all the staff at SWFC for giving us this beautiful season - and we at Wednesdayite would like to thank you, the Wednesday fans, members and non-members, from the bottom of our hearts - we fans played our part perfectly, and what's undeniable is that the Owls wouldn't have got promotion without the vociferous backing of the MASSIVE inspiring them to pull victory out of some sticky situations!

    And on a more personal note, thank you to every Owls fan who made use of our services this season - everybody who came into the Lounge, everybody who used the Car Park, everybody who travelled with us on the Away Coach, and even those on the Kop who helped hoist a damp and smelly flag up and down during the winter months! It's all been worth it!


    Our discussions in the early part of this coming summer will be heavily weighted towards the membership scheme for the next season. We're working on bringing Wednesdayite members the best possible benefits and bang for their buck, and will be launching the membership process as soon as we've dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's. So watch this space - and thanks for being a member in 2011!

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