31 December 1969

Wednesdayite Weekly - 2012/13 Issue #11

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  • The Wednesdayite Weekly: DAVE JONES IS PENSIVE...

    Live and exclusive this week:

    • Eddie's fighting with his inner darkness
    • Eddie rants about Leeds
    • Matt's take on Blackburn
    • The Away Coach Who Loved Me

    All this, and it's nearly the weekend...


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    Let me put my cards on the table here. I love Dave Jones. I love his approach to the game on the pitch. I love the way he manages players. I love his story - how he has risen from facing unimaginable slurs on his character and rebuilt his life and career. And most of all I love how he made us all feel in sixteen games or so starting in February of 2012.

    You may have also noticed that I'm a positive kind of chap - both on these emails and if you listen to my drivel on the Wednesday Week podcast. I don't like to dwell on the bad stuff - if I'm honest, that's because I find it very easy to get depressed about Wednesday when things aren't going well. But more importantly, I always look to the next game certain that we're turning a corner, that the underperforming player will blossom, that the tactics will be right, that we're meeting a team at the right time for us to get a result.

    Which makes it all the more difficult when every week I've got to pick apart more negatives than positives from yet another victory-less seven days.

    What's particularly galling for me this week is how our performances have been better even than probably any time last season. We dominated for large portions of both the Leeds and Blackburn games, but the problem - where it had been defensive howlers - is now a complete lack of threat up front.

    How much of this is bad luck (I hate - hate - putting things down to bad luck), how much of it is the players failing to execute Dave's plan, and how much of it is about Dave failing in HIS duties as a man manager or tactical genius is uncertain. All I know is that it's really starting to hurt, and it can't be put down to 'early season nerves' or 'the step up from League One' anymore.

    One thing is certain - the longer this run goes on, the more we will see moronic, ill-informed comments on social networks and internet forums (and listen to them on Football Heaven) demanding Harry Redknapp as our new boss. To be honest, I want us to stop the rot just to shut them up. Clowns.

    I truly hope that DJ can get this turned around - and fast. The next two matches see us play the other two teams in the bottom three. I can't see our Chairman indulging anything less than victories.

    Up The Owls!




    The Owls travelled over the Pennines this week to take on Blackburn in the Championship and self confessed Arm Chair Owls fan Matt Savage reports back with his internet based view of the game.

    "With the Owls in desperate need of 3 points a trip to Ewood Park would prove to be a tough test. Hosting Premier League football last season shows the calibre of Sheffield Wednesdays opposition for the evening kick off.
    With Scottish international Rhys McCabe still sidelined by injury, Paul Corry continued in midfield after a sparkling debut in his last outing, behind Gary Madine as lone striker in the absence of injured Jay Bothroyd."






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     More Eddie (ranting about Leeds)

    Blackburn Blog

     Away Coach



    What more can be said about Friday night? Let's be honest here, Kirkland did exactly what modern footballers do when they get assaulted by fans or fellow players alike - drop like they'd taken a punch from Optimus Prime. But not only was Colin wrong to point it out (as some sort of ludicrous mitigation of what well-known dickhead Aaron Cawley had done), but it totally took away from the sickening sight of five thousand of his fellow idiots singing at the top of their lungs that our manager is a paedophile, while bizarrely then championing the cause of local hero Jimmy Savile with the next breath.

    No sane Owls fan could claim that the North Stand's finest were justified in starting the chants about 'looking out for Turks carrying knives' (I work with the brother of one of the lads who didn't come back from that trip and believe me, you wouldn't even sing that song iin your head if you'd spoken to him about that day), but the 'they started it / no THEY started it' rubbish is just that.

    The fact is that a much - much - larger proportion of Leeds' travelling support were knuckleheaded thugs than most clubs could ever boast. I was unlucky enough to be on a tram packed with Leeds on the way to the match, and half a dozen of them were quite happily unwrapping and enjoying a couple of grammes of coke whilst singing more charming songs about the Munich Air Disaster. And then at the match few present could have missed the seat-smashing, surging, advertising-board-dropping-on-their-own-fans-heads imbeciles - far more than you'd see in any other group of fans.

    Even the Blunts may be deluded, whining, chip-on-shoulder fools - but I struggle to remember a Sheffield Derby in the last ten years that approached the level of thuggery the Leeds fans proudly displayed.

    I remember going to Elland Road in the 1980s. It was a horrible place even then - I got the distinct impression that they generated the attendance figures not from the turnstiles, but based on how many National Front fanzines were sold on the day. I'd erroneously thought that in this middle-class, Sky-TV age of new football, things would have changed. Guess what? They haven't. Leeds are still a bunch of tossers.

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