31 December 1969

Wednesdayite Weekly - 2012/13 Issue #16

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  • The Wednesdayite Weekly: Even when it's cold outside, we keep you warm and snuggly

    In this week's flipping full...erm...newsletter:

    • Eddie on where we go from here
    • Richard quoth Shakespeare
    • Joe is in South Africa
    • Matt and his armchair laugh at us all for going to matches
    • Away Coach on 34th Street

    All this, and the wonderful soothing words of Uncle Milan...


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    Where to start? Well, I'm not going to suggest that it's as bad as the dark days of Leon Clarke and Tom Soares, but we're certainly in the same position in the same league - and that's troubling, isn't it?

    Two very different performances in our two games this week nevertheless saw the same outcome...and one that's become way too common this season. As a result, we're at our lowest ebb since the nadir of Alan Irvine's career at S6 - and it certainly feels like the same despondency and infighting is threatening to descend on Hillsborough once again.

    That's concerning of course. We've come too far in terms of fixing our broken club and bringing the fans together in one voice to support one SWFC to let the old divisions between where fans sit, what pubs they drink in, what messageboards they go onto online and the rest to surface again. Likewise, we need to remember a time not too long ago when our own players were scared to play at Hillsborough because of the boos and jeers when things didn't go well. We have to support the team.

    But part of why things feel bad at the moment is simply a matter of expectation. The expectation - and the Chairman, manager, players and everybody at the club needs to take their share of responsibility for this - was for this club to compete at the upper-mid part of the Championship table. That hasn't happened, and it's clear that's because of a combination of bad decisions and bad luck right from the top of the club down to the boots of the players.

    We've fallen short in use of budget, in recruitment, in tactics, in performance and in will to win - and the net result is that we're staring up from the bottom of the table.

    So now is the time to reset expectations for this season. Kiss the pre-season dream of the playoffs goodbye, and knuckle down to an entirely-achievable and realistic target: safety from relegation with games to spare. Once you frame this season in those terms (and I know it sticks in the craw because of the optimism we had in August), things aren't nearly so bleak.

    We have five months to save this season. It starts with the team that we've got, with the manager that we've got, and with the fans that we've got to stick with the job. Stability is the key here. Let's mould a team that will play for each other and grind out performances - the results will come. Let's make sure we as fans keep turning up, keep chanting, and keep positive. Let's start winning games at home and taking gritty points away.

    And let's accept that Dave Jones is here for the long term, and that not only would a change in management now be nothing more than a short-term, knee-jerk solution, but it would cost the club both financially and in setting back a plan for the future that is just getting embedded.

    We work with what we've got - and what we've got is more than good enough to complete the task at hand. So let's work together to wring the best out of that squad. See you on the terraces.

    Up The Owls!




    Owls blogger Richard Brook brings us his latest blog to Wednesdayite.com. Richard 31-year-old life-long Wednesday supporter, and amateur football writer. He lives with his wife and three Wednesday brain washed children. Like most of his generation Richard’s heroes were Hirst, Waddle and Sheridan, and as goalkeeper himself Kevin Pressman.

    "'What's in a name?' is a question famously borrowed from Shakespeare, in the Brian Friel play 'Translations'. The play focusses on the tribal importance of language, and especially names within social groups, as it sees a couple of British cartographers sent to Ireland to map the local area and anglicise place names. Some of the Irish characters feel more strongly than others regarding the erosion of their heritage. Indeed the character Owen, who utters Juliet's famous question, does so having been wrongly referred to as Roland, for most of the plot, without bothering to correct anyone. To other characters the maintenance of their cultural and individual identities, is far more important. I know what your thinking. Firstly you are wondering if you have clicked on to the Wednesdayite blog. Yes you have. Secondly you are wondering if Wednesdayite have been hacked. No they have not. Thirdly you want to know what on earth I am on about. All I can ask is that you read on and see if I can win you round on that."






    Taking on the thorny subject of our under-pressure manager, our regular Owls blogger Joe Crann returns to Wednesdayite.com with his latest blog. Joe is based in South Africa and is a journalist for Soccer-Laduma, Africa’s biggest football publication. He's Sheffield born and bred and moved over to Cape Town, South Africa in 2011.

    "Another week, another defeat for Sheffield Wednesday and even from South Africa I can hear the sharpening of steel as Wednesdayites prepare to drop the guillotine on Dave Jones.
    We have to look at our situation. We’ve lost five games on the trot, conceded 12 goals in those five alone, and only managed to find the back of the net twice, it leaves a sour taste in the mouth doesn’t it?

    I hate losing. I hate other fans being able to take the piss out of my team because of our poor form and I hate having to laugh it off and tell them “We’re getting there.” So yes, I understand why people would want Jones to leave, I get their qualms with our current situation.

    However, looking at the bigger picture, what comes next? If DJ gets the boot, who’s going to come in, kiss our wounds better and tell us everything is going to be alright. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can’t think of a more proven manager who could come in and do a job."





    Matt Savage is back on his continuing quest to review an entire season of SWFC matches from the comfort of his living room. To be honest, given the result against Watford, he must be the smartest man on the planet.

    "A bitterly cold Hillsborough welcomed a Watford team that knew if they left with all 3 points, they would be in a playoff position - whilst the Owls were hoping to avoid a fifth consecutive defeat and another drop into the bottom 3.

    Straight from the off, Watford made their attacking intentions clear by forcing a corner - with Jay Bothroyd clearing Mark Yeates near post cross. However it was the home fans who had the first reason to celebrate when Michail Antonio capitalised on a defensive error, slotting home from the edge of the area and putting the Owls in front after only 3mins. Wednesday almost make it 2 when another poor Watford pass finds Mamady Sidibe but before he gets his shot away the tackle is made.

    The determined, lively Fernando Forestieri picks up an early booking moments later but after 17mins he is wheeling away in celebration. Chris Kirkland is beaten by Forestieri's edge of the box shot that nestles into the bottom corner of the goal, with Daniel Pudil creating the chance. Quick to restore the lead, Bothroyd swings a cross into the box but the man nicknamed 'One Size' - Fitz Hall (get it?) makes the clearance."





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     Owls Blog: Is DJ In His Death Throes?

    Match Blog: Watford

     Away Coach



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    Our Chairman released a passionate statement this week talking about how the season has deviated from the hopes and plans everybody at SWFC had in August.

    "I can assure you all that we are working tirelessly to put things right and it has never been more important to demonstrate that at times like this, the Sheffield Wednesday football family stays together" - Milan's central message was that we must all pull together to get out of the current situation, and that he remains as passionate as ever to see the Owls back where they belong.

    Read the statement in full at the official SWFC website.

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